61 Ghosts



“61 Ghosts hails from New England, fronted by Joe Mazzari (vocals, guitar), who toured and recorded with Johnny Thunders of New York Dolls fame, and rounded out by Dixie Deadwood (drums), formerly playing with blues legend Leo ‘Bud’ Welch. Dixie brings a steady cyclone of power to the striking sound of this powerful duo, blending Mississippi Hill Country Blues and Rock ‘n Roll with Mazzari’s memorable voice and searing guitar. Definitely one’s to watch out for!” — News Blaze

Joe Mazzari and Dixie Deadwood, a duo that draws upon their own personal musical influences, their combined passion and need to create a style of music all their own — one that’s influenced by the urban streets and the restless spirits of the Mississippi Hills. Each had honed their own sound through years on the road: Mazzari with his poignant lyrics, melodies and rock guitar, Dixie with her bare-knuckled approach to drumming. Together, Joe and Dixie mix steamy grooves, razor-sharp dynamics and high energy to create what others refer to as Alt-Blues. Joe Mazzari fronted The Daughters, Two Saints, Jacknife Beat, and the Joe Mazzari Band. He also recorded and toured with Johnny Thunders of the NY Dolls and the Heartbreakers fame for three years, and appeared on three of Johnny’s albums. Joe recorded with legendary producer Jimmy Miller (Rolling Stones, Traffic, and Motorhead) and John Peel of the BBC. In depth interview with 61 Ghosts! by Richard L’Hommedieu

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