Welcome to Rory Gallagher Festival UK (Nantwich) website.

The Nantwich Rory Gallagher Festival has been in existence for 10 years since 2011

Can you believe that it all started with a bet?

I was challenged by the then landlord of the Star Inn Nantwich to organise a band for an outdoor music event (his birthday I think)

I ended up getting 4 bands, and sound engineer who had all the gear, guess what…. They all played Rory Gallagher’s music.

That was Nantwich 1, what a great day that was, We knew that day that it would be repeated every year from then on, and I am proud to say that it has.

In 2013 we were forced to look for a new venue as the festival had now got too big for the Star Inn,

The Railway Hotel is well known as a live music venue in Nantwich and it proved to be an ideal venue hosting the Festival for the next 6 years.

So from our humble beginnings at the Star Inn, we had created a Rory Gallagher Festival of music that was attracting audiences from all over world.

Sadly in 2020 we were forced to cancel the event due to the Pandemic,

We were very disappointed at having to cancel the 2020 event, as were the many people who had already bought tickets and booked accommodation for the event (Nantwich 9), however It was the right thing to do.

So that’s where it started 10 years ago.. Where are we now?

During 2020 we had time to think how we could make the Festival experience even better and how to lift the Festival to the next level.

The Festival will feature a mix of Rory’s music with a good mix of Rock & Blues, after all you all know that there’s only so many tattooed lady’s you can have in a weekend!

We are looking forward to hosting the Festival in 2022 at the The Railway Hotel.

Feel free to use the contact page and lets us know your thoughts & suggestions.



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