Videos 2023

Rory Gallagher Festival UK (Nantwich) Selection of Video's

Aiden Pryor – Big Guns

Deuce – Cradle Rock

Deuce – I Could have had Religion

Innes Sibun – Bought & Sold

Innes Sibun – In Your Town

Innes Sibun – Crest Of A Wave

Cloak & Dagger – Secret Agent

Cloak & Dagger – Out on the western plain

Cloak & Dagger – Laundromat

Cloak & Dagger – A Million Miles Away

Cloak & Dagger – Messin With the Kid

Jed Thomas Band – Just Want a Little Bit

Jim Kirkpatrick – Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City (Bernie Marsden Tribute)

Jim Kirkpatrick – Wheels Within Wheels

Jim Kirkpatrick – Ballad of a Prodigal Son

Gwyn Ashton (Pickin on Rory) – Shadowplay

The Zac Schulze Gang – Freebird

The Zac Schulze Gang – Laundromat

John Angus Blues Band – My Baby Left Me

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